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A beautiful scarf can be worn in so many different ways. Sometimes it takes a small change to create variation in your daily outfits. A nice detail such a silk scarf can really shine up an outfit. Use your basic shirts but create variation with a nice little scarf in a stunning color or pattern. In that way you can add color and a different expression to your outfit. With our scarves you can express your personal style. Not only can the scarves add a unique style to your outfit, it can also be worn in many different ways. You can of course wear one of our smaller silk scarves around your neck to dress up your outfit. During summer you can use one of larger scarves as a shawl outside of your jacket. For a more distinguish look you can tie the scarf around your hair as a hairband or tie it around the elastic in your ponytail or bun to create a sweet boho-inspired style. A long scarf can also be tied around the handle on your purse or crossover bag to add life and a little newness.


45,00 €Prijs
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