Our Suzy Embroidery Jacket with pop colour oversized embroidery all over. This jacket has a kimono shape, with dropped shoulders and wide kimono sleeves. It has side seam pockets and option to close with its belt. Suzy Embroidery Jacket is available in onesize and can be styled over small flower print dresses and goes well with t-shirt and jeans.

The name Suzy stems from the Persian word, Suzan, which means needle. The Indian version of the Suzani embroidery is made by chain stitching, done with an instrument called tambour, which is a hooked needle. The Suzani embroidery is made by an Indian artisan, using the tambour to create the unique, vivid and beautiful Suzani embroidery patterns.

Small differences in the pattern can occur in the Suzy Embroidery Jacket.



Chest: 120 cm

Length: 72 cm

Sleeve length: 48 cm

Waist: 120 cm

The small imperfections that can occur tells a story about the fabric’s authentic life from the past. In SISSEL EDELBO it is the beauty of the imperfectly perfect we love and cherish. We hope that you will continue the beautiful story with pride. - THE STORY CONTINUES.


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